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Honors and Awards

One Cross is truly a remarkable group of people. Shawn Cavallo, Michael Cavallo, Mike Cavallo and Lucas Wright are all very talented young adults. Their accomplishments are never ending and shouldnt be ignored.  All four of these members stand up for what they believe in, and for that i admire them. I encourage each of you to (if you havnt already) visit there official web page and get out to some concerts! Keep on Rocking for Christ guys., you're doing a great job!

Do you love One Cross? if so this is the perfect site to be at other than the official.
Lots of pictures and interesting Faq about One Cross.





above: The youngest of the brothers Shawn. 17 years old.
<----- Michael.. say wuts that on ur head?!


Who and What is One Cross? :
 OneCross is a Canadian alternative rock Christian band. Band members are brothers Shawn Cavallo(drums and lead vocals) and Michael Cavallo(bass and vocals) , father Mike Cavallo (keyboard) and Lucas Wright (Bass).

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